Air Scrubber Advanced Whole Home In Duct Air Purifier




The Highest Standard of Protection

Quick Facts:
• Provides continuous surface decontamination and air purification in real time
• Protects your heating and cooling system from potentially dangerous buildup
• Our proprietary Active Pure Technology uses high-intensity UVC light and a catalytic process to produce scrubber ions and hydro-peroxides that inactivate contaminants on surfaces and in the air.

– Technology continuously protects and purifies the environment around you
– Installed by a professional directly into the existing HVAC system ductwork

•  Requires only 17 watts of electricity

• Complies with all Federal EPA, FDA & OSHA regulations including the California Air Resource Board

• Proven effective in homes, businesses, schools, public facilities, healthcare facilities, athletic facilities, hotels,
meeting spaces, worship centers and more

• Air Scrubber Advanced by Aerus, Model A1013T CARB Certified (ozone free)

• Proudly Designed, Developed and Engineered In the U.S.A.

Technology has been tested in controlled independent 3rd party labs for reduction of particulates in the air and contaminants on surfaces.

Do you worry about what is being brought into your home or business? Contaminants follow us on our hands, clothes and shoes and land on doorknobs, counter-tops and floors.
Air Scrubber Advanced by Aerus contains Technology, proven to reduce over 99.9% of all surface Contaminants. Additionally, this breakthrough technology scrubs, purifies and cleans the air you breathe by reducing
approximately 99.9% of airborne contaminants.

Dust, mold, pollen or many of the other pollutants can cause irritation and allergy symptoms. These contaminants can be reduced with the Air Scrubber Advanced

Technology uses specialized light waves along with a proprietary catalytic process that creates scrubbing molecules of oxygen and hydrogen which purify the air around you and reduce irritating particles that can irritate allergy symptoms.

There’s not much you can do to prevent some of life’s odors, but now there’s something you can do about them.
Working through your heating and air conditioning unit, the Air Scrubber Advanced is a unique photocatalytic
device that will significantly reduce dust, pet dander and odors in your living environment. You will be able to reduce common smells such as garbage, pet odors, cigarette smoke, paint and the musty smell from mold and mildew.

Air Scrubber Advanced extends the life of your existing heating and air conditioning system by improving the efficiency of your HVAC system’s return air filter. Preventing dust and debris from bypassing the filter and
damaging the coils and blower, keep your system running effectively. A protected HVAC system can last longer, save you money on your utility bill and reduce the need for expensive service calls.

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